Prayer Request​

We all face those times of pain and sadness, challenge and fear that we don’t seek in our lives.

The support of friends and loving words help us but sometimes we can sense that extra support and strength when we know that someone is committed to praying for us, in confidence whilst earnestly lifting us up to God when we don’t know what to say.

There is a team of people in the church who, privately, whilst at their home, will pray for you about any matter in total confidence.  It does not involve you being there; you simply ask and they’ll support you in prayer. 

They’ll commit to pray whether it is simply by lifting your first name to God, or if you’ve offered a little more information, then they’ll intercede more fully for you.  Contact us to make a request for prayer. 


Remember, this is in total confidence so, if you seek prayer for someone else, please have their permission before giving us any personal details otherwise we’re happy simply to pray with a Christian name and no further information.

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