St Mark's Church & Community Centre Refurbishment Project

Our Goal​

Our goal is to provide a church and community centre that will serve the local area for the next 30 years.

The building will be a hub for worship, social provision and well-being by providing good quality facilities and flexible functionality for everyone in the Oliver’s Battery Community.

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Project Update

Lots has been happening since the refurbishment work started on 25th January 


  • The new stud walls in the entrance hall and toilets and cupboards are in place.

  • The concrete plinth under the raised sanctuary floor is now removed and a new flooring with damp proof is in place.

  • The steel for the widened acoustic partition is now in place.

  • The windows and doors (front door excepted) have been replaced and are looking good.

  • The electric rewiring is part completed.

Phase 1 Complete

  • Phase 1 has now been completed and we are fundraising for Phase 2

  • The kitchen construction is now finished and it is looking great. It now needs to be fully equipped before opening for use which will be very soon.

  • Now that the kitchen is almost complete, our fundraising efforts will be focusing on the extension, porch and disabled parking.

  • Funds raised as of 31st October 2021 are: £204,831 (including pledges not yet received)  

Thank You!

Summary to date

​In response to the draft plans presented to the community back in February, we received a lot of very helpful feedback… Thank you! We have since made about 20 changes as a result. Some are more obvious, others more subtle.

Some of the key changes we made are:

  • Turning the new toilet in the small hall into a disabled toilet.

  • Putting a curve on the front of the porch to imitate the curve of the building and deepen the  porch.

  • Opening access to one set of the entrance hall store rooms to provide coat pegs and a tall     bookcase for the library.

  • Adding a window into the new sanctuary area (not shown on plans yet).

  • Planting a new cherry tree at the front and pay for 3 extra trees to be planted elsewhere on   Olivers Battery. Include at least one disabled space and a drop off for parking.

  • Exploring where we can put more insulation in. Outside side door in hall will be glazed to give more light.

  • Putting a path on the left (looking towards St Marks) from the pavement and paving the path for disabled access rather than using gravel.

  • (We are not swapping which side the cars park as people getting out would be away from the path and would have to cross in front of cars pulling into the driveway)

  • Kitchen - still being planned, but expecting to provide enclosed cupboards with stainless steel surfaces, commercial dishwasher and a double width cooker and  oven… all still to be confirmed.


In addition to the £100,000 being given by the church (St Luke’s PCC), people have already pledged £61,167.  THANK YOU GIVERS. If you are able, please fill in the Gift Aid form which is part of the Giving form (button above).

How to give

Ideally we would like you to give by a Bank Transfer or a monthly Standing Order. 

Our bank Sort code is: 55-81-26  & the Account no.: 00336122.  Please use “St Marks” & your surname as the reference. For other ways to give please download the giving form above or click ‘Give here’ (this uses who charge 3% for their admin).


We have already started applying for grants and we are continuing to make applications, though in this Covid environment the whole process is now much slower than before.

Key refurbishment points

  • Extend out the back to provide for a larger hall (60% larger), which can be divided into 2 spaces by a sound proofed partition.

  • In the extension create: a new sanctuary; new disabled toilet; new storage & vestry

  • Refit the kitchen; Replace heating and electrics throughout the building

  • Re-order the toilets to create more storage and a chair cupboard off the hall

  • Create car parking at the front & add new planting

  • Add a porch to stop drafts& improve front perspective.