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Life Events

Throughout a person’s life, there are many events at which they wish to seek God’s blessing at the Church. Many of these ‘Life Events’ will be familiar to you and details about these common ceremonies can be found below. We are also willing to discuss services for less typical reasons.

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Baptism, which is recognised throughout the world by all Christian churches, is the way in which a baby, with the help of parents or carers, becomes part of a local church. Baptism is an expression of commitment by parents and godparents to the Christian life. We find it helpful to express this as a shared journey.

Exploring baptism is a wonderful opportunity for parents to think again about what they believe, acknowledging of course that different people hold quite different views. It’s not uncommon, for example, for one parent to feel strongly about wanting their baby to be baptised while the other is far less sure.


We love to have Baptism's as part of our normal Sunday services, however, we are more than happy to arrange for a service on a day convenient to you and the God Parents.

We really value being able to explore this with you, and encourage you to fill in the form so that we can contact you to have a conversation about this.


Over the years, many local couples have chosen St. Luke’s as the venue for their wedding and from those early years we have seen families return for the weddings of other family member’s, and the church provides a warm and bright welcome at any time of the year.


We always welcome Couples who would like to be married in church and to discuss with you your own ideas for the service that link into the legal requirements of the service itself.

As part of the Church of England we are required to work within a nationwide legal framework that encourages weddings to be conducted in local parish churches.


This can sometimes feel a bit restrictive, but we do hope there is a way we can help you plan your special day.


Do please make contact with Brian Sadler, Churchwarden at St Luke's, either about getting married here or to check whether you’re eligible to be married in the parish.  We will then be able to send an application form to you.


Death can happen at any stage, whether you are young or old. It can be expected or sudden.  It can be a tragedy or a release.


Christians believe that through the resurrection there is new life in Christ after our death.


But even those who share such faith find that there is a real sense of loss at the death of a loved one. 


Please ask the funeral director to contact Revd. Marianne Foster to conduct the service for you.


She can offer a selection of funeral services to suit your families own wishes

Revd. Marianne keeps in touch with families throughout the year, and will also invite families to attend the annual All Souls Day service in November, when the name of your loved one is named and a candle lit in their memory.

This is something very special and unique and lots of local families come every year to remember.

Renewal of Vows

We are always delighted to offer couples the opportunity to renew or reaffirm their wedding vows to each other. This may be to celebrate an anniversary, such as a silver, ruby or golden wedding. It may also be something couples wish to do after a time of separation or difficulty in their marriage.


You are likely to have many questions about renewing your wedding vows at one of our churches.  You are always welcome to discuss your plans with one of the clergy, but we have compiled some of the common questions that we are frequently asked to get you started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can the service be held?

A. We would normally only offer this service at one of our churches, though there may be good reasons (e.g. illness) which would make it appropriate for it to happen elsewhere.

Q: Do we have to been married in one of your churches?

A. No. Many of the couples for whom conduct services for renewal of vows are returning to the church where they were married. However, many are also local people who were married elsewhere and now want to reaffirm their wedding vows at their local church.

Q: What happens on the day?

A. In many ways that is up to you. Couples vary in the kind of celebration they wish to have as part of renewing their vows. At one extreme, it may be that you just want a simple prayer at the end of one of our regular Sunday services. At the other, you may want a full service at a time of your choosing, surrounded by friends and family. This might look very similar to a wedding service with hymns, readings, a talk, prayers as well the actual exchange of vows. Sometimes couples also want to give each other a new ring (or rings).

Q: How do we arrange it?

A. The first thing to do is to speak to Brian Sadler, St Luke's Churchwarden, after one of the services, or by email

He will explain the process to you and arrange for appropriate preparation for you.

Q: What does it cost?

A. This really depends on the kind of service you choose. This can be advised when you meet the Reverend to discuss this.


Post Ceremony Celebration

If you are looking for an afternoon tea style reception following your service or similar, it is possible to hire the St.Luke's Church Centre under the church. Speak to us for details.

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